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Types of Gift cards in Venezuela

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the different kinds of gift cards you can find in Venezuela and where to get them? Well, wonder no more! Just like in many parts of the world, gift cards are quite popular in Venezuela. They offer a convenient way to give someone a present without all the fuss.

In Venezuela, you'll find a variety of gift cards available in different amounts, and the best part is that they won't break the bank.

Popular Gift Cards in Venezuela

Here are some gift cards that are a hit in Venezuela:

  1. iTunes Gift Card: Perfect for Apple fans, this card lets you access loads of digital goodies like music, apps, and books through the iTunes Store.

  2. Steam Gift Card: Gamers rejoice! This card gives you access to the Steam platform, where you can snag a wide range of PC games and other gaming-related stuff.

  3. PlayStation Gift Card: If you're into PlayStation, this gift card lets you spruce up your gaming experience by getting games, add-ons, and subscriptions from the PlayStation Store.

  4. Xbox Gift Card: Xbox enthusiasts can use this card to explore the Microsoft Store and unlock a treasure trove of games and entertainment for their Xbox consoles.

  5. Netflix Gift Card: Give the gift of entertainment! This card lets you subscribe to Netflix, giving you access to a massive library of TV shows, movies, and exclusive content.

  6. Spotify Gift Card: Music lovers will dig this card, which gets you millions of songs, playlists, and podcasts on the popular music streaming platform, Spotify.

  7. Amazon Gift Card: With an Amazon gift card, you can shop for a wide array of products on the renowned online marketplace.

  8. Google Play Gift Card: This versatile card opens the door to a range of digital content on the Google Play Store, including apps and games.

  9. Uber Gift Card: For those who need convenient transportation, this card covers your Uber rides, making it easy to get around town.

  10. Starbucks Gift Card: Coffee aficionados will love this card, allowing them to enjoy their favorite Starbucks drinks and snacks at any participating store.

  11. Sephora Gift Card: Beauty enthusiasts can use this card to treat themselves to a variety of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products at Sephora, whether online or in-store.

Venezuela gift card

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Venezuela

When it comes to buying gift cards in Venezuela, you've got several options, both online and at physical stores:

  1. MercadoLibre: One of Latin America's largest e-commerce platforms, MercadoLibre offers gift cards from various brands. You can browse and purchase them online, giving you a wide selection to choose from.

  2. Farmatodo: A well-known pharmacy and convenience store chain in Venezuela, Farmatodo offers gift cards. You can visit their physical stores all over the country to buy cards for different brands.

  3. Traki: A leading department store in Venezuela, Traki is a go-to spot for shoppers. They sell gift cards that you can purchase at their physical store locations.

  4. Amazon Venezuela: Although Amazon doesn't have a physical presence in Venezuela, you can still buy Amazon gift cards online. These cards can be used on Amazon's website to buy products that can be shipped to Venezuela.

Where to Sell Venezuela Gift Cards in Nigeria

If you're looking to sell Venezuela gift cards in Nigeria, Leyou Exchange is the place to go.

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