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Types of Gift Cards in India

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

India is a land with many businesses, and they've figured out that gift cards are a smart way to promote their businesses without spending too much. Gift cards were made to help big companies sell things more easily, but now they're used in many different ways, especially for giving gifts.

Indians love giving gifts, especially during their festivals. Gift cards have made giving gifts much easier, and Indians really like that.

Kinds of Gift Cards in India

In India, you can find different types of gift cards depending on what you want to give as a gift. But two of the best and most popular ones are Google Play and Amazon gift cards, and here's what they're all about.

Google Play Gift Card in India

Lots of Indians like getting gift cards instead of random presents because it means they can choose what they want. You can give your friend or loved one a Google Play gift card, and that's a great idea because they can use it to buy things on Google PlayStore.

Google Play gift cards can also be used for things like YouTube subscriptions, or even adding money to your Google Pay account. You can use the gift card to get movies and TV shows from Google PlayStore, and if you have the Google Play Family Plan, you can share these with up to 5 people. If not, you can still buy books and magazines easily with the gift card.

Amazon Gift Card in India

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably heard of Amazon, the world's biggest online store. An Amazon gift card is like a magical card because it can be used in so many different ways. You can't go wrong with giving someone an Amazon gift card because they can shop online, get subscriptions, or even buy books.

There are different types of Amazon gift cards - some you can hold in your hand, some you can use online, and others you can print at home. But they all have a secret code that you use to pay for stuff. You need to activate the card on Amazon before you can use it.

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The Best Place to Exchange India Gift Cards in Nigeria

If you're in Nigeria and have Indian gift cards to exchange, is the place to be. It's a chinese vendor that can turn your gift cards into Naira instantly.

At Leyou Exchange, you can sell your India Amazon or Google Play gift cards at great rates, often more than 80% of what they're worth.

How to Find Out The Value of India Gift Cards or Any Type of Gift Cards in Naira. It's easy to discover:

  1. Click the "Trade Now" button on You'll be directed to a page to choose any of our online transaction officer.

  2. Click any of them and you will be directed to WhatsApp chat page where you can instantly get the current exchange rate and proceed with your trade.

With this streamlined process, you can effortlessly determine the value of your gift card in Naira and initiate your trade with us.


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