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List Of Gift Cards In South Africa

Gift cards have become increasingly popular in South Africa, offering a convenient way to buy gifts for loved ones, especially when you're unsure of their preferences. They empower the recipient to choose their ideal gift.

South Africa features various types of gift cards, including:

1. Retailer Gift Cards: These include Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Amazon, and Spree gift cards.

2. Entertainment Gift Cards: Examples are Showmax, Netflix, Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Xbox, PlayStation, and Ster-Kinekor gift cards.

3. Restaurant Gift Cards: Options include Nando’s, Spur, Wimpy, and KFC gift cards.

4. Travel Gift Cards: Examples encompass Uber, Uber Eats, and gift cards.

Amazon Gift Card in South Africa:

Amazon stands as the world's largest online e-commerce company, and an Amazon gift card can unlock a wide array of possibilities. Apart from purchasing items, you can use it for your Amazon Prime subscription, e-book purchases on Kindle, buying groceries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, or even exchanging it for cash.

Amazon gift cards come in two types: physical and digital. While physical cards can be ordered online, they may have longer delivery times. Hence, many South Africans prefer digital gift cards, which can be ordered online and delivered to the recipient's email in under 24 hours. Both types serve the same purpose and are valid for online and in-store purchases.

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards in South Africa:

Amazon gift cards are available on the Amazon website and at various physical locations in South Africa, including grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. Additionally, you can purchase Amazon gift cards from third-party vendors. However, exercise caution and conduct thorough research to avoid scams. On the Amazon website, gift cards are available in denominations of R230, R380, R700, R1000, and R1,500.

South African iTunes Gift Cards:

A South African iTunes gift card is pre-purchased credit for the iTunes store, Apple's media and software marketplace. It enables you to buy music, movies, apps, and more.

Can i Sell South African Gift Cards in Nigeria or Ghana ?

Yes, you can sell South African gift cards if you are living in Nigeria or Ghana. Several exchange platforms facilitate this. However, when choosing a platform, consider factors such as fast payments, competitive rates, responsive customer service, top-notch security.

Leyou Exchange stands out as a prominent exchange vendor in Nigeria and Ghana, meeting all the criteria mentioned. This is precisely why numerous sub-vendors in both Nigeria and Ghana choose to partner with us."

Leyou Exchange supports over 15 different gift cards and offers very good exchange rates to help traders and Sub-vendors maximize their profits.

If You Want To Find Out The Value of Your South African Gift Cards or Any Type Of Digital Assets Value in Naira or Cedis.

It's easy to discover:

  1. Click the "Trade Now" button on You'll be directed to a page to choose any of our online transaction officer.

  2. Click any of our online transaction officer and you will be directed to a WhatsApp chat page where you can instantly get the current exchange rate and proceed with your trade.

South African iTunes Gift Card Price in Nigeria:

The price of a South African iTunes gift card in Nigeria fluctuates based on the exchange market's conditions. Exchange rates for South African iTunes gift cards in Nigeria are subject to constant changes. Leyou Exchange offers daily rates updates on whatsapp.


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